Broadway West

BROADWAY WEST is a public benefit nonprofit dedicated to activating and revitalizing the Broadway Theater District in Downtown Los Angeles. Watch the Video>


Gather 15,000 Signatures to support the "Bring Broadway West" Campaign. Signatures will be delivered to the offices of:

The Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

The Office of Los Angeles City Councilmember Kevin DeLeon

The Office of Congressman Jimmy Gomez

The Office of California State Senator Sydney Kamlager

The Office of LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell

The Office of California Assemblymember Miguel Santiago

All Subsequent Members of the:

Los Angeles City Council

Los Angeles County Supervisors

Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Help us raise $40,000 to conduct our public opinion poll in support of a public ballot initiative

Broadway West is working with Benenson Strategies to conduct a public opinion poll to see if it's viable to place a Public Arts Funding Ballot Initiative on the 2022 Ballot to support the operations of Broadway West and Broadway West Alliance Partners.

 Phase 1 

 Phase 2 Headquarter Launch

 Phase 3 Ballot Initiative Campaign

 Phase 4 Request For Show Proposals Begin

 Phase 5 Broadway West Shows Begin